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Sophie Rambert - Mélancolie 1, pierre noire sur papier

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You are what you drink

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Gunars Binde - (Latvian,1933)

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Sleeping People Embroidered Onto Handmade Pillows by Maryam Ashkanian

Iranian artist Maryam Ashkanian embroiders individuals deep in sleep onto the surface of her handmade pillows, matching the size of her subjects to the area one would physically occupy if they took a nap on her work. The stitched sleepers lay sprawled in different configurations on the white background, some with their arms outstretched, whiles others hold them tucked into their bodies. These sculptures are a way to access the wide subject matter of dreams, a place where Ashkanian feels we can observe ourselves in one of the purest forms. You can see more of her sculptures on her Instagram and Twitter. (via Ignant)

A post shared by Maryam Ashkanian Studio (@maryamashkanianstudio) on Dec 23, 2016 at 3:10pm PST

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